frequenty asked questions (FAQ)

Does DialMany automatically remove cell phones from my phone list in compliance with FCC regulations?
No! It is your responsibility stay in compliance with FCC regulations. Make sure that you have documented proof that you have prior permission to call cell phone.
The FCC's regulations against Robocall to cell phones apply to all Robocall,including political calls and nonprofit calls. If you Robocall a cell phone without permission from the owner of the cell phone, you can be sued for as much as $16,000 per call.
FCC's enforcement advisory against Robocall to cell phones:
Can you change the caller ID to my number?
Yes, but you have verify that you own or have authority to use the number (via a text message or phone call). If you do want a callback we can sell you a number for just $2 per month. You can release the number at any time. We have to this to prevent the bad people from using our powerful system to scam others.
Will I have to pay for every phone number in my list even if the call failed?
Yes. Even a failed call use a line so we have to charge for the use of that resource.
What are the acceptable file formats for my contact list?
We only accept Excel CSV and CSV TXT files.
We have 3 columns: Name; Phone Number and Email. Both the Name and Email fields may be left blank.
Our system will only recognize 10-digit phone numbers. Please do not include letters and special characters like spaces, hyphens or brackets.
How do I create recordings for my Robocall?
You have three options to create your message, they are:
  1. Record an MP3 file and upload it.
  2. You can call a number listed in your account. You will be prompted to enter your PIN (also listed in your account) and just start talking after the beep. You recording will magically appear in your library. You have the option to rename the file. We recommend calling from a lan-lines as they tend to be clearer than cell phones.
  3. Speech-to-text. Just type the message in a text box on Our dialer will call you clients/customers/patients and read the message to them.
Does your system allow press-1-to-connect calls?
Yes. It easy to configure our system to forward call you any US number. You simply set any digit from 0 to 9 to forward to the number of your choice and record the instruction in your message. There is a charge for each call forwarded.
Can you detect and leave message on answering machines and Voicemail boxes?
Yes, and there is no extra charge associate with this service.
How fast does your system make calls out?
We typically make 7200 calls per hour. But we if you contact at least 5 business days in advance we can arrangement to make up to 72000 per hour.
Will I get a report when my calls are completed?
Yes, will automatically send you a report in excel format listing each called number with the following details:
Number was called - Call Status: Failed (carrier error), No Answer, Completed, Duration
The report will be downloadable from your repository.
Does your system make international calls?
No, we only service the US.
Does your system remove phone numbers on the National Do Not Call from my contact list?
No, it is your responsibility stay in compliance with FCC regulations. You should search the Internet for providers for this service.
Does your system give the called parties the option remove himself or herself from my list?
Yes, just record in your message that the called party should press 9 to be removed from your robocall list.