Voice Broadcast

Record or write message and the DialMany dialer will automatically call and play your message to hundreds or thousands of your contacts/customers.

Appointment Reminders

Used by a plethora small business like doctors, spas, school, college, churches and other offices. The DailMany.com user friendly website makes it easy for you to write or record a message and have the dialer call your client/customer/patient at your predefine time before his/her appointment. A one doctor small office can loose as much as $28,000 per year due to no-shows/missed appointments.

Payment Reminder

Used by many organization. Colleges use this feature to remind students of payment helping them to avoid consequences like having the system drop their class due to nonpayment and holds on their records. Our text-to-speech mail-merge feature can make each message unique to each individual.

Event Reminder

You can schedule event reminder to call your client so that they will keep your event on the forefront of their minds.

Adjustable Caller ID

You control the outbound Caller ID(i.e. phone number & name) being displayed to your patient/customer/contacts during the broadcast. We just need to verify that you have the authority to use the number you want displayed. Verification takes just a few seconds.

  Mail Merge with Text-to-Speech

When used with a CSV file Text-to-Speech, gives you the option to create personalized or dynamic messages. For example, you create a message and make first names and balance mail-merge fields. Upload the CSV file with a list of first names, balance and the associated phone numbers, the system automatically merges the first name and balance fields with your typed messages. DialMany converted the text message to near human voice and play for each unique message when called party answers or call goes to VM.

Creating your Messages
You have three options to create your message, they are:
  1. Record and MP3 file and upload it.
  2. Call the "Message Recording" number listed in your account. You will be prompted to enter your PIN (also listed in your account) and just start talking after the beep. Your recording will magically appear in your library. You have the option to rename the file. We recommend calling from a lan-lines as they tend to be clearer than cell phones.
  3. Text-to-Speech. Just type the message in a textbox on DialMany.com. Our dialer will all your clients/customers/patients and "read" the message from them.